Thursday, April 7, 2011


hye guys :)

"Everyday we make sales"

for da 1st time, I'm still blur & didn't get what it is mean.
then i start asked him.
how could u said that, Henry?

he reply me with big laugh.*rasa mcm nak lempang apek ni pon ade.*
when you went for an interview, you promote yourself right?
1st - you introduce your self
2nd - you keep telling about good thing.
"I'm good in this this this. I can do this this this. bla bla bla"
everything looks like perfect
3nd - you wish da company hire you

so, u get it??

yess!! yes!! now i know. we are selling our self to company and if company interested they will buy/hire us.then, every month we get our salary. am i right?


Simple example! and easy to understand (:
Henry gave another example to us.
Which the situation a bit different.
this is if customer have use competitor product.

imagine - you want this boy
but he already have gf. what you do to get his attention?
makeup? dress up? keep in touch?
what ever u do, its your strategy to get him and to let his gf move out.
Same goes in selling process.
tackle your customer with a good service.
draft some strategy and apply it.

you have much choices.
hensem bf but no money then teach him how to make money
or bad bf but pocketfuls of money then bring him to specialist.
everything come from here*sambil tunjuk kepala(brain)*

well Henry! in a simple way u have motivate us.
but unlucky, on 3rd day i resign :(

p/s: rezeki ada dimana2

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