Friday, December 30, 2011

Hye semua (:

2011 going soon and 2012 now on da way.
It's hard for me to let 2011 go.
I've learn a new chapter there.
Then drive to different destination.

Memories will always be there.
Never forget that bcoz
2011 was my adult year.
Seriously, here I got the lesson about life.

Good Bye my dear 2011.

Dear 2012,

1st and foremost, pls be nice.
Let me go thorough with you as my plan.
I will try to release my aim with you.
But you should help me too.

I know everyone had talked about you since 2010.
I believe God well known.
He is our monitor and everything control by Him.
But don't worry,
I still go on with you bcoz
You are my year.

No concern to other. The point is me!!
Take care of people are hurt!
Then I'll take care of me.

With honor,
Welcome 2012. :)

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